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Annual Doctor-Lawyer Dinner

The 2018 Annual Doctor-Lawyer Dinner was held on March 13th at Primo Italiano in Gurnee. This year the event
was hosted by the Lake County Bar Association. The program was "The Opioid Epidemic" with honored speakers
the Hon. Michael Nerheim, Lake County State's Attorney, and Adam Rubinstein, MD, Internal Medicine, Libertyville.

Opioid Crisis - Illinois Leaders Meet in Lake County

A group of concerned leaders from Lake County and representing both the Lake County Medical Society, lead by LCMS president Piyush Vyas, MD (radiologist), and representatives from the Illinois State Medical Society as well as elected officials including Lake County Board Chairman, Aaron Lawlor and County Board Vice Chair Carol Calabresa, met for well over an hour with State Representative Nick Sauer (R - 51st District) at his office in Libertyville. The group was called together by Erin O'Brien, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS), to share information not only about local resources and active committees, but to discuss concerns about proposed legislative initiatives with respect to the growing opioid epidemic in our communities, and throughout the state. Dr. Rashmikant Patel, an internist practicing in Gurnee, and a past president of the Lake County Medical Society, shared very helpful information from the medical practitioner's point of view, with the utmost concern for patients. The meeting was called by Erin O'Brien, Vice President Legislative Affairs for the Illinois State Medical Society. Also in attendance were ISMS Legislative Affairs staff members David Porter and Scott Reimers and Jane Stein, Executive Director, Lake County Medical Society. Everyone appreciated the shared information about legislative initiatives as well as local resources with on our community. (Links to local resources on related topics will be posted soon.)

L to R: Rashmikant Patel, MD, internal medicine/Gurnee, State Representative Nick Sauer, and Piyush Vyas, MD,
president of the Lake County Medical Society at the Libertyville office of Rep. Sauer after a meeting on
the opioid crisis, February 23.

Another Successful Mini-Internship!

We sponsored another successful Mini-Internship on May 30 at Vista Medical Center East, in Waukegan.
Many thanks to ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company for allowing claim specialists Molly McNamara and
Karen Sherwood to spend a day with us and shadow medical professionals at work!

Vista Surgery Supervisor Joan Ordesta was an outstanding guide and teacher, as always, and we do not know how we would do it all without her generous time and assistance. Cynthia Alexander (Marketing) was a gracious hostess and we enjoyed sharing the experience with her over lunch, where our president, Piyush Vyas, MD also joined us.

Watch for more on this unique and valuable community outreach program, now in its 28th year. Mini-Interns consistently rave about the advantages of observing medicine at work. There is no substitute for the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge and experience.

June 20th Mini-Internship

For the June 20th Mini-Internship, our visitors were Whitney Golden, Jessica Cushard and finally, Garrett Taliaferro.
The two women are defense attorneys with Hinshaw and Culbertson. Garrett is a senior underwriter with
ISMIE Mutual Insurance Co. Many thanks to Joan Ordesta for sharing her photos.

ISMS House of Delegates Meeting April 2017

Photo: above, top left: Full-time Illinois County Medical Society Executives at Annual ISMS Meeting, 2017

Photo, top right: Getting settled for the afternoon session of the Illinois State Medical Society House of Delegates,
Saturday, April 22, in Oak Brook IL. Drs. James Milam and Piyush Vyas

Above photos, bottom left: Drs. Scott Cooper, Rebecca Bergman and James Milam are three of the Lake County
representatives participating in the Illinois State Medical Society Annual Meeting in Oak Brook

Above photos, bottom right: Drs. James Milam, Piyush Vyas, Scott Cooper and Erik Nelson

Above photo: Drs. Bergman, Vyas, Frank, Patel, and Milam

Annual Doctor-Lawyer Dinner Held

The 2017 Annual Doctor-Lawyer Dinner was held on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, at the Highland Park Country Club.
Leslie Goddard, actress and historian, impersonated Jackie Kennedy and thrilled the audience, following the dinner.

2016 Annual Meeting & Holiday Party Held

Members, family and friends enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner and the spectacular musical Singin' in the Rain at the Marriott Lincolnshire Theater in December, where Dr. Piyush Vyas was elected to serve as president for the second year in a row. That's a first for LCMS! Congrats to Dr. Vyas who also serves as the District 1 Trustee to the Illinois State Medical Society. Dr. James Milam is an ISMS Delegate to the AMA as well as a past president of the Illinois State Medical Society and Lake County Medical Society.

Photos from April's 2016 Illinois State
Medical Society Annual Meeting

Lake County Medical Society delegates joined over 100 representatives from around the state for the annual meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society House of Delegates, on a beautiful spring weekend. Attendees enjoyed a reception on Friday evening at the Old State House, walking distance from the Capitol building, and many members enjoyed other historic sights during free time in Springfield. Business matters, including resolutions submitted from around the state were discussed throughout the weekend. Watch for summaries in our newsletter and on the ISMS.org website.

We are proud to have honored our own member, Scott Cooper, MD (emergency medicine) the outgoing ISMS president, as his term and service to physicians and patients in Illinois ended this weekend. Thank you, Dr. Cooper!

2016 Annual Doctor-Lawyer Dinner

First year medical student Patrick Kim (pictured to the left of Dr. Cooper in the photo below) from Rosalind Franklin University meets with Scott Cooper, MD, president of the Illinois State Medical Society at the annual Doctor-Lawyer dinner, March 2016, at The Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest. The speakers addressed the medical and legal implications of medical marijuana use. The dinner program was attended by 98 doctors, attorneys and Lake County judges.

The Medical Society was happy to welcome three medical students (pictured above, left) from Rosalind Franklin university here in Lake County. They seemed to enjoy the program and the opportunity to mingle with members during the dinner program. L to R: Patrick Kim, Yao Ying Jonathan Tseng and Farah Khan.

LCMS Hosts Fall Mini-Internship

Five Mini Interns spent part of two days at Vista Medical Center East and James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility in October, 2015, shadowing doctors in our annual show-and-tell program.

This learning experience for attorneys, judges, insurance company employees and others who are closely associated with the medical profession is invaluable to each of the participants. The opportunity to exchange information and learn about the intricacies of closely related professions is of mutual benefit to our members and the invitees who participate.

This year, Mini-Interns got a welcome educational experience for several hours in radiology from the helpful professionals under Dr. Piyush Vyas at the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care facility in North Chicago.

We extend our most sincere gratitude to Joan Ordesta, Supervisor in Surgery at Vista Medical Center East in Waukegan and her entire welcoming staff. Thanks to all for their gracious assistance and time during this important community outreach program, which has taken place at least once a year since it was first implemented in 1989 by the Lake County Medical Society, with the guidance of the current program chairman, Dr. Raghu Thunga and executive director Jane Stein.

Top photo: Two Mini-Interns, a doctor and a nurse. Picture taken during our fall Mini-Internship program. Many thanks to Vista Medical Center East and especially to Joan Ordesta supervisor in Surgery. Pictured above are Mini-Interns Jill Munson and Lisa Munch, both defense attorneys with Hinshaw and Culbertson, general surgeon Dr. Daniel Liesen, who is president of LCMS and Joan Ordesta. Dr. Raghu Thunga, an anesthesiologist, chairs the event and generously guided the Mini-Interns during their time in surgery. Mini-interns always remark about how beneficial this opportunity is for them, and how first hand observation helps them immeasurably in their jobs.

Bottom left photo: A first-hand observation experience is worth more than any words one may read or hear. Pictured in the lower right picture Dr. Thunga explains the patient record. The intricate and detailed records that are maintained in hospitals sometimes astound lay people, not to mention the strict regulations covering everything from equipment cleaning to privacy procedures.

Below, top photo: Group of staff and Mini-Interns at Vista Medical Center East. Thank you for your hospitality!

Photos below, top left: Dr. William Woods; photo top right: Dr Piyush Vyas with two mini-interns at
the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility

Illinois HIV Care Connect Launches Upgraded Website
With Viral Suppression Educational Campaign and Survey

Illinois HIV Care Connect recently announced the launch of an upgraded website (www.hivcareconnect.com) featuring information about the importance of achieving viral suppression for people living with HIV.

Achieving viral suppression is a goal for individuals receiving anti-HIV medications, also known as anti-retroviral treatment (ART). Reaching viral suppression means that the amount of HIV in the blood is very low. Keeping HIV at this low level helps people living with HIV to stay healthy and live longer, and greatly reduces their chances of passing HIV on to others.

The viral suppression page on the website — www.hivcareconnect.com/viral-suppression — educates people living with HIV about the importance of achieving viral suppression. The page includes a link to a survey through which people with HIV can test their understanding of viral suppression and provide feedback to Illinois HIV Care Connect.

LCMS and Medline Partner Offer Product Discounts

Through an agreement with Medline Industries, Inc., a local company and the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical/surgical supplies in the US, LCMS members may receive discounts on products and services.

Please read this letter for more information.

Representative to contact about sales:

Todd Freedman
Medline Industries, Inc.
866.811.8120 (fax)
Email: tfreedman@medline.com
Web site: www.medline.com

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